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Real Salty: Why Are Former Players Tossing Shade At RSL, Utah In General After They Leave?

Real Salty: Why Are Former Players Tossing Shade At RSL, Utah In General After They Leave?

Another former RSL player takes parting shots at the club and culture, and oh, BTW we're in the Leagues Cup Group Of Death.

[Sheena is back from house-hunting.] We talk to her in the second segment of this podcast.

Real Salty: Why Are Former Players Tossing Shade At RSL, Utah In General After They Leave?

Guess that’s now become a habit for:

  1. David Ochoa

  2. Javier Morales

  3. Aaron Herrera

  4. Sebas—he might have wanted to, but never did

  5. So what that tells us is that the players are so afraid of the consequences of saying anything to reporters while they’re at RSL that … they’re only doing so —but only once they’re far away from the clutches of this club.

It’s been that way for almost a decade, and Brian explains why—in the first segment.

Another habit is that local media does not hold this club accountable—save for extreme circumstances [see: DLH].

Because as you know, Apple TV is about to change the way clubs crank out content. We’re just hopeful it won’t turn out like that total catastrophe called MLSNEXTPRO:

Brian Vs. Utah
MLS Heck No
Oh, hey! — Hope everyone is loving all this rain we’re having. If you’ve had an opportunity to catch a Real Monarchs game online in their new MLSNEXTPRO league you might have noticed that it is rather difficult to actually WATCH said broadcast — because the camera operators appear to be using camcorders from the 1990s. So, I checked into this weirdness …
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Meanwhile, back at the OK Golden Corral back behind these here 24-dozen or so KwikGoals — because Utahns buy EVERYTHING in bulk — we played a game! We WON!! [Actually, we’ve probably already played several split-squad scrimmages—but that’s beside the point.]

I think we won. Ever heard of the “flooding the zone with shit” theory? It worked for the Russians; why not give it the ol’ college try at Major League Soccer. Send fans a predetermined amount of news—and see what happens. In the 1980s the Russians [Soviets, back then] used this to great effect — because there wasn’t anyone around to argue against it! [Well, there were but they were sent to gulags in Siberia … ]

So RSL could’ve lost the game 5-0 but since nobody SAW it, a 2-0 “win” for your boys in the claret and cobalt [from 10,000 feet] — while imprinting on the lads some game model that prob looks like this, but how would anyone know? It’s not as if every Tom, Dick and Harry soccer coach hasn’t claimed this game model as his and is charging $$$ because his version is better from the one where Jose Mourinho transformed overnight from some PR lackey into a tactical genius. It’s so bad that this "scrimmage” wasn’t even broadcast. Give the fans what they want. How long will it be before the fans revolt?

Congratulations to Real Salt Lake for being invited to Leagues Cup.


Me: Oh, really? I’ll be damned.

Turns out, EVERY Major League Soccer team is invited to this extravaganza taking place between the middle of July and middle of August. This is not li

This Just In: Actually, this group Real Salt Lake is in is EXACTLY like 2011 CONCACAF Champions League.

  1. CF Monterrey

  2. Seattle Sounders

  3. RSL

  4. SHIT!


We can’t possibly be the only people seeing this. [Hopefully, we’ll one-up the 2011 bunch.] Of course there is this sort of theater of the absurd taking place as we speak, as we’re supposed to report on games we cannot watch, and talk about players who may or may not be playing. So perhaps we’re all in a sort of suspended animation as we ready ourselves for whatever else is to come. [Oh, and that “record signing” Carlos Andres Gomez guy is still not here, per immigration hijinks.]

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