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Rudy's Comin To Town: Part 1

Rudy's Comin To Town: Part 1

Former Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert is headed our way Friday night with his Minnesota Timberwolves, and so I talk to someone who knew him well

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Rudy’s Comin To Town on Friday night, and so I’m devoting an entire week of interviews to mark the big occasion!

Naturally, we do this the only way we do ANYTHING on BVU; we throw that skunk on the table [in this case, Pepe Le Pew since Rudy’s French] and say whatever we please.

Steve Hatch from Hatch Family Chocolates [TLC’s Little Chocolatiers] joins us to talk about all things Rudy—and a few things about the Utah Jazz since he’s a super fan.

In this episode:

  • Should fans boo? Rudy says no! We weigh in

  • Steve recalls giant Rudy walking into his store

  • Are Rudy’s #s up or down this season? We find out!

  • Does Steve believe the Jazz are doing well right now? [Or, has he been too busy at the chocolate shop to notice?]

To pick up some delectable holiday treats:

See ya tomorrow for Part 2 of Rudy’s Comin To Town—with another special guest.

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